Brand Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate Mission:Work hard to build Rainlane phonograph into an international brand.
Business Philosophy:High Quality, Service-oriented, Continuous Innovation, Humanized Management.
Corporate Tenet:Pass down Classics, Integrity Management, Self Improvement, Return the Society.
Values:Set up a brand image, help customers to succeed, build a core team.
Brand Positioning:Rainlane always maintains a spirit of ingenuity, works at the product with great care, studies carefully, makes improvement continuously, seeks for perfection and considers every detail of the product.
Enterprise Spirit:Customers equal to benefits; talents are treasure, service is like life, and management brings the future.
Talent Concept:Morality First, Ability Second, Dedication Oriented, Team First.
  Rainlane respects talents, focuses on talent cultivation and lets everyone do his best and each in his proper place. The company stresses on the spirit of teamwork and works hard to build a good team, so that it can give play to a strong development force.
Management System:Unification of Standardization and Humanization.
  Rainlane emphasizes the standardization of management and focuses on respect for human nature at the same time. It tries to avoid standardization from restricting the initiative of individuals but also not allows individuals’ undisciplined style to affect the operation and management of the enterprise. Rainlane strives to have standardization and humanization to form a good unity and finally realizes ideal enterprise management.
Code of Conduct:Solidarity with Sincerity, Warm Service, Efficient Operation
  The enterprise inside unites with absolute sincerity; the enterprise and its partners work together wholeheartedly, and the enterprise standardizes its operation behavior. Through intimate cooperation and standardized management, Rainlane pursues efficient operation, and therefore makes sure to be in an invincible position in market competition.

Development History

In July 2017
Successful application for national 3C certification.

In April 2015
Successfully applied for phonograph design patent design and owned the design patent of our own phonograph.

In December 2014
Successfully applied for Rainlane brand trademark, the company formally established its own brand and further promoted the enterprise development.

In May 2013
Established the company formally. The company integrates R&D, production and sales into a whole.