The phonograph maintenance manual

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2017-12-21
The phonograph can bring joy to people and make people smile every day. Of course we use it and we don't forget to clean and maintain it. Because people also need to maintain, just can look the spirit radiance, the so-called "people want clothes, the Buddha wants gold to install", so how does the phonograph maintain?
Classical phonograph, especially the original wooden class, is the leading role of restoring ancient ways of Chinese style household adornment, its versatility and practicability, regardless of tie-in Chinese style furniture or European home can foil a host savour, but due to the integration of vinyl LP record player, CD player, USB player, SD card player, one-piece functions such as AM/FM radio, determines its price, so it is impossible to change the record player often, so it is particularly important to maintain.
Sun: solid wood classical phonograph put do not make it under direct sunlight, over time, the surface of the paint will fade, metal fittings will be oxidized, plastic parts will be easy to brittle, vinyl LP is PVC material, the sun will make its deformation.
Dust: choose pure cotton dry dishcloth, fine soft brush to remove sag or the dust of embossed decoration. Do not use water, alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to wipe the stain, and then use a colorless polish, a thin coating, dry with cotton cloth, reduce dust, and enhance luster.
Humidity: moisture can make wood decay, metal parts rust, glue part of gelatine, chrome-plated original defilm, etc.
Smudge: pure white lacquer classical gramophone appears yellow, dip in pure white cotton gauze with a few toothpaste gently wipe, then use wet cloth to remove toothpaste stain, dry cloth dry, yellowing phenomenon can change. Paint classical phonograph, direct put on very hot mark cup, hot soup can appear white gray, can dip in with cloth a few strong tea water or toilet water, and a little alcohol, wipe gently, can remove, then dry with a cloth.
1. Winter solid wood phonograph is easy to crack
The solid wood phonograph is made of wood, and the wood is susceptible to environmental humidity, and it is changed by wet expansion and dry shrinkage. Winter was relatively dry climate, and the needs of the many families because of the warm, often in the indoor heating measures, is adding to the dry degree of the indoor air, thus causing real wood the phonograph due to severe water shortages, and it is difficult to repair the crack occur.
2. Indoor reasonable humidification prevents the phonograph cracking
The price of solid wood classical phonograph is not cheap generally, if do not pay attention to good maintenance, occurrence craze and so on affect beautiful, cause loss is very painful. In winter, solid wood classical phonograph is the most likely to dry crack, because indoor humidity is very low. Therefore, we can take measures to increase the indoor humidity when we understand the reasons. The common method is to buy a humidifier to put in the room, also can place a basin of water or place a few more to be helpful for indoor moisture such as green, rich bamboo and other plants.

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