The development story of the phonograph

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"Night Shanghai, night Shanghai, you are an evening city". It was a song of the republic of China on the red beach, spreading through the streets and singing to the present day. In the period of the republic of China, Shanghai was very urbanized, and Shanghai was more international than any other city, and the economy was more developed and independent. The phonograph, which was first imported, was later widely used in China.
What kind of device is a phonograph? A phonograph is a primitive playback device whose sound is stored in curved grooves carved out of the acoustic method on a disc plane. The record was placed on the turntable and spun under the needle. This is the program that the phonograph can play, so to see how it can sound, see how it works.
Who invented the phonograph?
The phonograph is an electric device for recording recording, invented by American inventor Thomas Edison in 1877. Phonograph records can be replicated in large quantities, and the playback time is longer than most cylindrical recording medium. Therefore, the phonograph is called one of Edison's greatest inventions. Thomas Alva Edison made a great deal of inspiration by experimenting with the film board in the telephone transmitter, which caused the vibration of the voice. The speed of speech can cause the short needle to produce corresponding vibration. Then, in turn, the quiver must be able to make the original sound. So he began to study the problem of sound reproduction.
On August 15, 1877, Thomas Alva Edison asked his assistant, krissie, to produce a strange machine consisting of a large cylinder, a crank, a receiver and a membrane. Thomas Alva Edison, pointing to the strange machine to aide said: "this is a talking machine", he took out a piece of tin foil, volume on the engraved with the metal cylinder spiral grooved, makes a dab of the foil around, on the other side and the earphone connection. Thomas Alva Edison shook the crank and sang to the phone, "Mary has a little lamb, the snow ball is like hair... ". After singing, put the needle back in place and gently shake the crank. Then the machine, unhurried and round and round, sang, "Mary has a little lamb... "The same as Thomas Alva Edison. On the side of the staff, meeting a talking machine, surprised speechless.
The news of the "talking machine" created a sensation around the world. In December 1877, Thomas Alva Edison public performances the phonograph, the outside world public opinion immediately put him as the napoleon Bonaparte "of" the scientific community, is in the 19th century the most exciting one of the three great inventions.
When Edison invented the phonograph, he changed it. Ten years later, he removed the phonograph from the dust on the shelf and continued to improve it, and he patented more than a hundred patents on the phonograph. He was deaf, and it was amazing to invent such a sound machine. When we see today's phonograph, don't forget that it permeates Edison's hard work. In essence, for more than a century, the impact of the civilization and invention of the phonograph was very profound, the record player, tape recorder, tape recorder, laser sound machine... Was it not all the great inventions of Edison that came out and traced its origins?
The first phonograph, of course, would have a second, third, but technically different, because of the enthusiasm of the scientists; But the modern phonograph is much more functional than the first phonograph, so let's look at the modern phonograph.
With the improvement of living standards, the modern version of the phonograph market also arises at the historic moment, in the domestic manufacturers also more and more of the phonograph. The phonograph is mainly located in villa, restaurant, club, hotel and other places of high consumption.
Domestic famous phonograph manufacturers used to export mainly, and in 2008 began to turn to the domestic and foreign production enterprises, the Chinese people also began to consume such products.

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