Celebrate the first live broadcast of jingdong of shenzhen rain lane

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2017-12-21
Rain lane phonograph is a brand of shenzhen RainLane home decoration co., LTD., which has been awarded the appearance patent and the national 3C certification.
Its style is classic, antique, use natural log, pure hand sanding, craftsmanship to carve high quality life; Pure imported machine parts, combined with the latest technology, the sound technology and bluetooth, the black glue sing
The machine, FM/AM radio, DVD, WIFI, MP3 and classical style are perfectly integrated. Let the phonograph reproduce classic and inherit elegance; Make music sound with "core", the sound quality of sound, through the time and space of leaf
Listen, use the voice of those days to touch us in this era.
On October 30, 2017, our company conducted a one-and-a-half hour live broadcast of the whole network (jd) on the theme of "keep the voice of the year and review the classics" from 20:00 to 21:30. The live broadcast USES text, pictures,
Video and music are well received by the audience and received good publicity.
Let's take a look at some of our 10 main rain lane phonograph products and come to see their glow.
The anchor is dignified and beautiful miss wu, accompanied by a pure and fresh "four seasons song, she first to show you the company's popular baby ~ the phonograph, each is our specially on the phonograph record
Door - made - made rain - lane turntable pillow.
Then, the usage of the gramophone is introduced in detail, and the functions of the phonograph are demonstrated
Function. Many junior partner of the phonograph image with manual play the ancient way of vinyl, via live realized there are so many conforms to the modern trend of modern phonograph device, a live audience
Compliment, refresh thumb up.
In the live broadcast, there are also interactive links. The most comments of thumb up over 10,000 will be free to give away a pair of VR glasses.
Live with phonograph Shared "fireworks in March", "spring song" two springs month "liszt: dream of love the third number and other classic songs, experience the phonograph full penetrating timbre. The scene view
Take the initiative to click on the host song, making the classical flavor of the gramophone and the new popular music with a lasting appeal!
The style of a variety of phonograph, the nature of music flows, the friends are full of praise, enthusiastically comment!
Nearly a thousand people watched the live broadcast, and the number of them was back to tens of thousands. Live close distance form really lets the audience feel the ancient and elegant style of the lane gramophone in the rain, meticulous and exquisite work, let more people love
The phonograph. In order to give back to new and old customers, we also let people know more about the culture and charm of the phonograph. We will also plan a series of live events in the future.
Rain lane flagship store (or remember rain alley phonograph website www.yzx9.com) the first time to master the new information, preferential information and live broadcast information of the rain lane gramophone. Watch us then
Live broadcast, together with the gramophone, win the salute. Rain lane gramophone, the time of the voice, deductive classics!

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