New Year's share: soft outfit inspiration for your new home

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2018-01-03
With the warm sunshine of winter,
Full of joy,
In 2018,
It's the New Year.
A thousand years old,
The New Year will be a hundred feet.
New Year brings new hope,
New Year carries new dreams,
The New Year begins a new journey,
The New Year looks forward to new splendor!
Today, the first day of the New Year. The rain lane small make up to share a few soft outfit inspiration, hope can add color to your new house.
The new home decoration focuses on "new", but it is not enough to be creative, to make your home different from others, and you need to be creative. Stay in new house, metope already look brand-new, but still can't find home how to feel? You can use the following soft installation inspiration to decorate your new house.
1. Have highlights
In the room, especially the living room/living room should have a special eye-catching focal point.
A phonograph must be a chic decoration.
2. Get close to nature
Natural series of soft outfit for the room to increase vitality, can consider to put in the corner of the room large evergreen plants, potted plant, hand woven garlands, placed on the edge as decoration, wooden crafts for the room to add a piece of green.
In addition, it can also use the table and chair of the stump model, the sisal carpet, the natural fiber fabric, the flower branch, the shell, the float wood type.
3. Personality style
How can home decoration have less to embody the objects of love and memory? Placing these in your own space will give you inner and unshakable personal presence.
Recommended, artsy vinyl records.
4. Classic design
Dear friends, buy one or two classic home designs. They stand the test of time because of their value. Design enthusiasts will always keep an eye on the elegant and elegant home furnishings.
As the years change, they may be reinterpreted in detail, but their characteristic style has always existed in the world, such as the phonograph.
5, surprise
Too much conformity is monotonous to home design. Put an unexpected design point in your soft outfit and bring yourself a different surprise experience.
6. Music embellishment makes the space clever
The fashionistas in the soft world must be aware of the importance of spirituality, so that the house is not just a space for rest. Music's ornament gives the home more vitality, let the light natural crossing, let the whole pattern become fresh, like the note jumps.

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