Rain lane phonograph, use design to display home aesthetics, the life art.

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2018-01-19
  As domestic classical household act the role ofing is tasted, proponents of industry, the rain lane in modern phonograph has deep research and manufacturing for many years and has a certain achievement, series products of archaize phonograph once launched in household stores.
  The phonograph has redefined the tasteful art home decoration. Its classical and dignified appearance and various forms of music play the function, the creation of the home decoration of the smart multi-functional era. What is the art of life style? Product design is the art into life, add life taste, and using the fine detail processing, to raise the level of space to achieve the art level, so as to realize the transformation of art to life.
  RainLane gramophone series is such, after more than a very slow process, quality of detail shows originality, bend force to create each classic works of the phonograph, not only can match Chinese style decorates a style restoring ancient ways, also can match the modern decoration style, American style decorates a style, use occasions include high-grade villas, hotels, clubs, dining-room, bedroom, sitting room, bar, coffee shop, and other fields.
  The lane of the rain is used to select high-quality imported solid wood, which is designed in strict accordance with the national 3C standard. It is pure hand-carved decorative pattern and fully adhered to the user's usage habits. Smooth and elegant design line echo the wood burnish that is interesting, can with the space collocation gives harmonious natural style. Perfect integration of aesthetics and mechanics. Imperceptibly of rain lane phonograph under the fuselage and ark adopts traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joint structure, tooth and horizontal consolidation process, joint process through double-sided polishing, manual polishing process, fall in love, not afraid trival, only good quality.
   RainLane USES design to awaken the aesthetic consciousness of people's household ornaments, integrate the concept of life art into the product, make the phonograph become practical, beautiful art. Years phonographic, deduce the classic, the rain lane with humanized design, advanced production equipment, exquisite craftsman feat, and the pursuit of the development of innovative ideas, and constantly create a high-quality products, believe that the market performance of excellent rain lane phonograph also can walk into more and more families, to create a high quality life.

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